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This video shows you how to plant Orchids and grow them in your garden.
Expert:Yolanda Vanveen


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Plant op the week - ORCHIDS

Flamboyant, intriguing, beautiful and exotic, Orchids have evolved to become one of the largest family of plants in the world. Orchid plants have often been called the elite of the plant kingdom. Orchids are closely related to the Lilies from whose type of flower the orchid blossom has evolved. Orchid plants are primarily herbaceous or evergreen perennials. Orchids come in different sizes from very small ‘Dendrophylax’ to the huge bamboo like ‘Arundina’.

Scientific Classification : Orchids

orchid flowers

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Asparagales

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Orchis




Some Common Species Of Orchids:


orchid flowers* Anguloa Orchids
* Cattleya Orchids
* Cymbidium Orchids
* Laelia Orchids
* Dendrobium Orchids
* Phalaenopsis Orchids
* Paphiopedilum Orchids
* Oncidium Orchids
* Vanda Orchids
* Epidendrum Orchids
* Brassia Orchids
* Bulbophyllum Orchids
* Catasetum Orchids
* Sophronitis Orchids
* Miltonia Orchids
* Phaius Orchids


Where And When Orchid Plants Grow:


Orchidaceae (orchid plants) are sophisticated, growing in almost every habitat round the globe. Most of these orchid plants are found in tropics, mainly Asia, South America and Central America. But some species of orchids are found to be growing near Arctic and Antarctic Circle. Read Types of Orchids to know more about Orchid plants.